A DRUNK woman got in a 'cat fight' with another woman outside the victim's home after reacting to comments made about her on social media.

Elizabeth Molineaux went to the victim's address in Evesham after first attending the wrong house, demanding that Leigh Grosvenor come outside.

The 27-year-old mum of Summerfield Gardens, Evesham, appeared sobbing over videolink from HMP Eastwood Park at Worcester Crown Court having already admitted affray and battery.

The incident itself, described as 'nasty' and 'ugly' by a city judge, happened at around 8pm on December 2 last year. Initially Molineaux attended Boswell Mews in Evesham, shouting 'come on then!' and making reference to 'stabbing' only to be told by a woman at the address that Miss Grosvenor did not live there.

Molineaux then made her way to Miss Grosvenor's address in Jordan Grove, knocking on the door. When the complainant opened it, she described the defendant 'screaming at her'.

Sally Cairns, prosecuting, said: "The defendant grabbed Miss Grosvenor causing them both to fall to the floor."

During the struggle Molineaux was described as 'hitting her and pulling her hair' but the complainant hit back, trying to get the defendant off her. Miss Grosvenor suffered scratches to her finger where the skin was broken. With the assistance of someone else in the house the defendant was pinned down as 'the defendant tried to kick out'. During the struggle Molineaux was disarmed of a 'weapon' later identified as a line pin or brick pin with a rounded end.

Mrs Cairns said: "Police arrived very quickly and arrested the defendant outside. She continued to shout towards Leigh Grosvenor, making threats to kill her."

Molineaux told officers the attack was prompted by comments the complainant had made on social media about her.

The defendant had six previous convictions going back to 2013 including for battery, assaulting a police constable, assaulting an emergency worker, a public order offence and kicking a police officer in the custody suite. She was subject to a community order at the time of the attack.

Mrs Cairns added: "It's aggravated by location - the offences were outside the victim's home."

Simon Burns, defending, said the Crown had accepted that the item was not an offensive weapon and that it was 'brandished, not used'. He added: "This was an ugly incident. I'm not going to pretend - nor is Miss Molineaux - that she doesn't deserve punishment for the incident which she caused."

Mr Burns described 'accusations and rumours swirling' and 'derogatory' comments on social media before the assault.

"Elizabeth Molineaux could bear it no longer and wanted to have it out with her. It started out as a cat fight, howling and screaming" said Mr Burns.

The advocate stressed that both women were injured but that the injuries were all superficial.

Molineaux suffered reddening to her forehead and around her eyes. He asked that the judge bear in mind that his client had spent 19 weeks in custody on remand and two weeks on an electronic curfew, the equivalent of a 42 week sentence.

He invited the judge to impose a sentence which would mean her immediate release, telling the judge: "In my submission she has served sufficient. If she stays in prison any longer she is going to feel crushed."

Mr Burns, who said she had now abstained from alcohol and that reports of her progress were 'positive', added: "She has resorted to violence because of her unfortunate and sad addiction to drink. She has changed her way of thinking and coping with her anger management."

Judge Nicholas Cone imposed an indefinite restraining order which prohibits Molineaux having contact, directly or indirectly, with the complainant or going to the road where she lives.

The judge imposed a two year community order to include 50 rehabilitation activity requirement days.