A HIGH street toy retailer in Worcester are asking for old toys to be donated to help the needy as they relaunch a popular rehoming scheme.

Due to start from June 5, The Entertainer have restarted the scheme, after successfully donating 40,000 toys in 2019. In partnership with The Salvation Army, stores all over the UK will be participating the scheme in celebration of World Environment day.

Kirk Bradley, Head of Corporate Partnerships at The Salvation Army said: “Donations from the previous Big Toy Rehoming campaigns have helped The Salvation Army hugely in continuing to provide practical and emotional support for vulnerable people in the UK. It’s such a worthwhile cause and we’re delighted that The Entertainer will now be accepting donations year-round!”

The Entertaineer is urging families in Worcester to bring any suitable toys which are no longer played with.

Gary Grant, Founder and Executive Chairman of The Entertainer says, “We are delighted to announce the return of The Big Toy Rehoming campaign in partnership with The Salvation Army. We had to pause the campaign due to the lockdown periods but are finally able to bring it back to our stores! We know our Toy Rehoming is popular with our customers and many will have accumulated extra toys in need of new homes over the past year so please do bring them into your nearest store for us to rehome via The Salvation Army. This not only prevents the toys from finding their way into landfill but also supports the work of The Salvation in helping families in need.”

The initiative is aiming to support the 4.1M* underprivileged children living in poverty across the country via The Salvation Army.

Families who want to donate their toys to The Entertainer don’t need to worry about including packaging, however all toys must have a "CE label"or marking for safety reasons.

The Entertainer was founded in 1981 and is the largest family-owned chain of toy shops in the UK with a total of 171 stores.