Dozens of fans gathered at a bar in Evesham for Sunday's Euro 2020 final between England and Italy.

The Valkyrie Bar, in Market Square, was full to the brim with passionate football fans.

Unfortunately, the Three Lions were unsuccessful but that didn't stop the pub from enjoying the occasion.

There was a huge mixture of emotions as England scored earlier on before losing via a penalty shootout.

A staff member said: “The atmosphere was complete opposite ends of the spectrum.

“When we scored there was an uproar of happiness and joy throughout the bar, we were one step closer to becoming winners.

“Once Italy had been declared winners the bar went quiet, it was very emotional for everyone as you can imagine.”

They added: “It was great to see The Valkyrie full, so many people had come out with the hope to see England win and many had messaged us wanting to come and watch it at The Valkyrie to experience the atmosphere.”

Check out the best photos from the night, provided by The Valkyrie Bar