BUZZARDS are breeding in Evesham, a leading ornithologist and author has reported.

A pair of buzzards have had two chicks in the back gardens of the home of Peter Stewart in Digby Road, Evesham.

He told the Journal: "The pair had two chicks.

"The one has prematurely flown down from the nest and currently residing in the back gardens.

"The parents appear to be ignoring the fledgling, so how it is managing to survive in not known.

"The parents are constantly perched nearby, on top of a very tall cedar tree, where they have nested, and like their offspring, under constant bombardment by crows, and both herring and lesser black-backed gulls, who have also bred in Evesham this year."

He pictured one of the young birds, adding they looked healthy and were constantly preening while being watched.

"It is hoped it will fly off without human intervention," he added.