THE ONGOING battle over the footpath through Hampton Mill hit the TV screens last night with occupier Frances Payne reiterating: “I refuse to give up.”

Mrs Payne has in the past blocked access to the public right of way past the mill where she lives due to “constant” problems such as people taking illegal substances, assault, theft and vandalism.

She claims the issues have been fuelled by “pure incitement” via social media where hundreds of comments have been posted by angry walkers.

Mrs Payne featured in an edition of Channel 5’s The Nightmare Neighbour Nextdoor which was shown on Monday and blamed the development of new housing which runs alongside Corn Mill Road, Hampton, the road access to the mill from Cheltenham Road.

Evesham Journal:

"It is very new build and like a little town in itself," said Mrs Payne.

"The people who live there are from all sorts of areas, I've noticed quite a lot of accents from Birmingham, Wolverhampton, I don't think they have necessarily had experience of farm land, the countryside.

"The estate is causing a problem.

"Years ago people would come through here, have some common sense and know about the land and people living here. They'd appreciate it and we would be fine with that.”

Allegations against members of the public included people riding motorbikes and bicycles, climbing on fences and the weir and boats and fishermen turning up without licences. She highlighted litter as “a constant issue” and said “we even had a pony shot with an air rifle once”.

Mrs Payne erected fencing to prevent trespassers and said “that was when the trouble really started” and that photos had been taken of her in her bathroom.

Screen grabs of footage at Hampton Mill were offered as proof of trespass.

Evesham Journal:

“People stand and gawp at you through the windows while you are trying to work or take photographs of your bedroom,” she added.

“It is a complete invasion of privacy and a lack of common sense and respect."

The narrator of the programme said neighbours had acknowledged they had taken photos of the Mill “as it is an historical building” but “denied wanting to take pictures of her bedroom”.

Mrs Payne made allegations that fences had been vandalised and again, the narrator reported: “One of the neighbours did admit to cutting the fence but said they did it out of anger because they could only take so much of Frances's behaviour, stating she is rude, arrogant and obnoxious.”

"I feel protective towards this place, it is where I grew up and I know every inch of it,” added Mrs Payne.

“I feel really annoyed that people don't respect it and that they feel they can do whatever they like down here.

"It is like a battle of wills. You cut my fence every night, I will tie it together again. It is almost like I am not going to give in.

"It is so frustrating when people don't accept what you are saying, even though you are trying to get across to them in a fair manner they don't accept they are in the wrong. They feel entitled.”

Mrs Payne continued: "I refuse to give up and I carry on fighting because I don't have any choice. This is where I live, they are invading my privacy, I don't see myself as the problem.

"If I leave here I know this building and this land will get destroyed. Besides, I love it here, why should I move?

"The more they do it, the more I am going to dig in."

On access to the footpath, Mrs Payne said: "Something will have to be done to the footpath, I cannot put my life at risk for people that think it is funny to ruin other people's lives.

"They have taken advantage of the place, the river and the niceness of the place. It has caused a lot of damage, it has caused me a lot of expense and everyone a lot of grief. It is still causing grief so what happens eventually, I don't know."

Statements from residents refuting Mrs Payne’s version of events were read out but were not attributed to any individual and no one making those claims appeared in the show.