OVERFLOWING bin sheds at housing association flats in Evesham have attracted swarms of flies and rats according to a fed-up resident.

Debbie Mulvey, 57, says the bin shed, which serves 29 housing association flats at Cornell Court, Brick Kiln Street, Evesham, is the subject of ongoing problems despite a huge backlog of rubbish bags being cleared again this week.

Evesham Journal:

Mrs Mulvey suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a lung condition that causes breathing difficulties, and says she needs to open her window near to the bin shed for regular fresh air but has been unable to due to the smell and fears over flies and rats.

Evesham Journal:

She claims she has been complaining to Rooftop Housing Group and Wychavon District Council for months only to get conflicting information back and that help only arrives when she posts pictures of mountains of bags on Facebook.

While the problem has been solved for now, she worries about repeat problems and alleges refuse collectors will not take the rubbish if any bags are left outside the bins.

“It has been disgusting down here,” said Mrs Mulvey.

Evesham Journal:

“The binmen hadn’t taken the bins for more than eight weeks, they just sit outside for 15 minutes then leave.

“When I ring Rooftop they say they have passed it on to Wychavon but when I ring Wychavon they say they haven’t.

“Half the time they don’t empty all the bins and if there is a black bag on the floor they won’t pick it up and they leave the bins.

“No matter how much you complain nothing gets done, it only gets sorted when you start putting it on Facebook.

“There have been a few dead rats found and it has got that bad that it has overflowed into the road, the police had to block it and clean it up themselves.

“It is worst when the weekend drinkers decide to kick the rubbish about and play football with it, I had to take my dog to the vets after cutting his foot on broken glass and it has got to the point where you have to go into the road to get around.

Evesham Journal:

“I live right next to the bin sheds and haven’t been able to open my windows, I need them open but I just couldn’t.

“Other residents have been affected and I feel for the little children. The flies were everywhere and it is just getting everyone down.”

Rooftop’s head of housing Lee Ashmore said: “We have already made arrangements to clear the Cornell Court bin store. This issue mainly happens when the bin store is used incorrectly, however, we are also aware that there is occasional fly tipping from surrounding properties which is disappointing.

“Disposing of rubbish is the resident’s responsibility and appropriate bins have been made available to residents. We understand that Wychavon District Council have their own guidance on what will be collected, and we will continue to work with Wychavon on issues like this.

“We will be writing to the residents of Cornell Court to remind them of their responsibilities for appropriate refuse disposal and recycling.

“Although we have arranged for the area to be cleared, if Rooftop have to make special provisions to remove waste incorrectly disposed of, as a not-for-profit organisation, we will have to pass that cost on to the residents.”

On the issue of fly tipping, Rooftop said that the bin store is accessed by keys held by residents only.

Wychavon District Council said the matter would come under the responsibility of the landlord.