An author from Evesham has released his ‘heart-breaking yet hilarious” interactive memoir.

Upside In, by Scott Hughes, tells the true story of his life to date, tackling familiar topics such as education, employment, relationships and mental health.

The book also looks at the more unique events that make up Scott’s life from life in prison to homelessness, addiction, and rehab.

And there is a lighter side too with the simpler challenges in life up for discussion including how to make a salad and deciding what the greatest album of all time is.

The book features different types of QR codes throughout, making it an immersive and multi-sensory experience.

Scott said: “I’ve always held a passion for writing and knew I couldn’t hold on to a story like this, especially it being a true one.

“Also because of the subject matter I knew the process itself would be excellent therapy, and a chance to draw a line under everything.

“I know it will be divisive, but that’s partly why I’ve done it, outside of writing it for myself. I’m interested to release it to the public domain and see what happens.

“I think there are some compelling moral quandaries in there at times from an outsider’s point of view.”

Upside In was released on August 28 and costs £9.99.