A TESCO in Worcestershire is among ten stores to trial the supermarket's zero-waste shopping service.

Customers at Tesco in Evesham will be among the first to be able to buy common household goods in reusable packaging that can be returned to the store to be used again.

The East of England trial follows a year-long online pilot where customers could order products and return packaging from their doorsteps.

Tesco aims to meet demand for less single-use plastic packaging.

Shoppers at the Worcester Road supermarket can buy 88 products with reusable and durable packaging.

It includes Persil washing up powder, Fever-Tree drinks and mixers, Tetley Tea, Carex handwash and BrewDog beers.

Thirty five of Tesco's own-brand essential products have been included in the trial including pasta, rice, oil and sugar.

Evesham Journal: 09/12/14. Tesco in Worcester Road, Evesham. Scene of armed robbery in early hours of Tuesday. Picture by Nick Toogood. (14299427)

Evesham Tesco customers will visit the Loop section where zero-waste versions of popular products, pre-filled in special reusable containers, are ready to pick up on shelves.

They will then take their groceries to the checkout where they will be charged an extra 20p deposit for each reusable product.

Once the packaging is returned the deposit will be refunded by an app.

Tesco says the products sold in Loop's reusable packaging are exactly the same price as the original versions of products except for the refundable deposit.

Once customers have finished using the product, they return the packaging to a collection point in the store and claim their refund on an app.

If supermarket customers were to switch just three products in their weekly shop, the packaging would be used and reused more than two-and-a-half million times a year, according to Tesco.

Original versions of the products using single-use packaging will still be available at the stores.

Other stores taking part in the trial include Milton Keynes, Northampton and South Cambridge.