Adele released a brand-new single today, but that was far from the biggest news of the week.

Earlier this week the chart-topping singer took to social media, treating fans to a forty-minute long Instagram Live.

She spoke about relationships, pets and her upcoming album but it was a revelation about crisps that got lots of attention.

Adele shared that her favourite crisps are prawn cocktail or ready salted, doused in Worcestershire sauce.

She said: “My favourite crisp is Prawn Cocktail Walkers or just Ready Salted with loads of Worcester sauce on it.”

The 33-year-old appeared on Radio 1 with Greg James this morning (Friday, October 15) to explain herself.

“Absolutely, it’s my favourite thing.

“You hold it tight, and you clip it, and you shake it, shake it, shake it! Oh, it’s a dream!”

A caller, John from Stockport, revealed that he enjoys this too and asked the pop star whether she enjoyed drinking the juice left at the bottom of the bag.

Adele spared no details, saying: “Yes darling, I do the same and I saw my mother do it growing up and that’s why I do it. So hey, we are twinning baby.

“Those soggy ones at the bottom are the best.

“The ratio is, normally you’re just meant to sprinkle it on like the last little splash of it but by the end it's just juice with a little bit of crumbs in it."

Walkers Crisps tweeted to show their support for the strange food combination.

The message read: "Nothing but respect for our queen."


Adele released a new track, Easy On Me, today ahead of her full album on November 19.

On her new song, she added: “It was the first song I wrote for the album, going back to the beginning of 2019 really.

“I was making decisions in my life, which has been well documented over the last few years, but it was just sort of that thing of creating this discussion.”

She signed off from the radio interview with a simple statement.

“Drink the bag juice!” she exclaimed.

Have you ever tried putting Worcestershire sauce on ready salted crisps? Let us know in the comments.