MORE than 40 schools across Worcestershire have cases of Covid and some have reintroduced bubbles, it has been revealed.

And one headteacher has called for restrictions to be implemented to limit disruption in the county's classrooms.

A total of 46 schools have reported positive cases of coronavirus in staff or pupils, as of October 20, Worcestershire County Council has said.

Dr Kathryn Cobain, director of public health for Worcestershire, said: “Our Local Outbreak Response Team (LORT), continue to work closely with schools and where required put in extra measures to support schools who are dealing with outbreaks.

"We are aware that some of our schools choose to operate a cohorting system, according to their outbreak management plans, that prevents mixing between groups.

"This is done to reduce the potential impact of an outbreak of Covid-19 across the school. All identified Covid-19 cases have been asked to self-isolate and are supported by remote education where this is deemed necessary.

"We work alongside schools to ensure good hygiene is practised, appropriate cleaning regimes are maintained and occupied spaces are kept well ventilated to help maximise attendance and minimise disruption.”

The paper understands Northwick Manor Primary School is among those to reintroduce year group bubbles after having cases.

Dr Cobain said: “We have been advised of a number of positive Covid-19 tests at Northwick Manor Primary School.

"Public Health Worcestershire are working closely with the school to put in any required extra measures and currently the school remains open. Current Covid-19 cases have been identified and asked to self-isolate and we encourage anyone who is displaying symptoms of Covid-19 to self-isolate and book a PCR test.”

We approached the school for comment, but no one was available.

Meanwhile the headmaster of King's school Gareth Doodes, who has been self isolating after testing positive for the virus, has called for the government act warning school's face further disruption.

Mr Doodes tweeted: "With current Covid rates pupils after half term will face even more disruption.

"This cannot happen - we can't jeopardise exam groups.

"In schools we need to bring back masks in inside spaces, strictly limit non-class assembly, and encourage vaccination. #backtoschoolsafely #PlanB."