COUNCILLOR Rishi Sunak has announced that a sum of £200 million will be pumped into local football in order to facilitate redevelopment and building of new football pitches around the country.

On the day Sunak revealed the autumn budget, it has been confirmed that some £560 million will be spent on youth services, whilst a large proportion of that will be spent on helping build and transform community football pitches.

This year's autumn Budget is unusual for two reasons as it's the second of the year - there was a Budget in March.

It comes on the same day as the results of a spending review, which details how government will fund public services for the next three years.

Back in March, the government granted sport £300 million in the wake of what had been a torrid 12 months due to the impact of Covid.

£25 million of that 300 was said to be for the building of 700 new football pitches in the UK.