A Worcestershire business had managed to reduce its energy bills thanks to two £10,000 grants.

The Advanced Water Company Ltd in Pershore contacted the Business Energy Efficiency Programme (BEEP) for help reducing their energy usage and after an assessment it was clear that they could make big savings by upgrading their existing florescent lighting to LEDs.

With a grant of just over £10,000 they replaced the lighting in both the warehouse and the office space, resulting in annual savings of £5,188 in energy, and 11.7 tonnes of greenhouse gases.

Following the success of this project, Advanced Water then went on to have support from Low Carbon Opportunities Programme (LOCOP) which identified the opportunity to generate their own renewable energy.

A further grant of just under £10,000 enabled them to install a 29.8 kWp Solar PV system, saving them a further £3,500 and 7 tonnes of CO2e each year.

A spokesman for Advanced Water said: “The support has been fantastic. We’re really pleased with the new technology, and it really helps with our environmental outcomes.”

BEEP offers grants of up to £20,000 for LED Lighting, heating, compressors, fast shutting doors and energy efficient equipment.

LOCOP offers grants of up to £100,000 for solar panels, air and ground source heat pumps, biomass and more.

Both programmes are part funded by the European Regional Development Fund and available to eligible Worcestershire businesses.

For more information visit www.business-central.co.uk/clean-growth or call 01905 677888.