A WOMAN says she is pulling her daughter out of De Montford School after years of bullying.

Kirsty Barnett, of Pershore, says the bullying her daughter Hollie-May was subjected to at the Evesham secondary school had become so bad that the 12-year-old walked out of school on Wednesday, (November 17) and refused to return.

The mum said the year eight pupil has been pushed down the stairs, kicked, and name called on a number of occasions after being targeted by a gang led by a boy.

Mrs Barnett said she had spoken to the school numerous times about the bullying, but they had done "nothing" about it.

Hollie-May's mum said: "We have been talking to the school for weeks about this, nothing happened.

"After the latest bullying she walked out of school. It was verbal abuse that morning - she kept getting called a racist when it was the opposite way round, and they had been racist to her.

"She had had enough."

The mum said on one occasion she saw the bullying for herself and stepped in to prevent her daughter being punched.

"We went in told staff, nothing was done about it," Mrs Barnett said.

"It went on the record about the boy's behaviour, but later he pushed her down the stairs. She doesn't want to go to the school now.

"When she walked out they did not let me know for 25 minutes. They didn't even let know if she was safe. I haven't spoke to them since. The attitude of De Montford is diabolical.

"She is currently being homeschooled, and we are looking to move her to Pershore High School."

A spokesman for The De Montfort School said: “As a school, the safety of our students is our first priority.

"We have rigorous procedures in place in the event of a student choosing to leave our site.

"These procedures were followed, enabling us to quickly identify the student and alert the family.

"We take all allegations of bullying extremely seriously. We have spoken to this student and her family and have offered support following the allegations.

"All incidences of alleged bullying are dealt with in accordance with our behaviour and anti-bullying policies.”