AN ICY blast will be felt across the county as winter rolls in - but will we be getting any snow?

Many driver were having to scrape ice off their cars this morning as the first frost of the season settled on Worcestershire.

As winter settles in it is leaving people asking whether the city and the rest of the county could see snowfall this week.

Jo Farrow, a forecaster at Pershore-based Netweather, said that it is predicted to take an icy turn at the end of the week but no snow.

It will be a settled start to the week but the low pressure from the north on Friday could be quite a change.


"There is a little bit of sleet on the Netweather forecast still for Friday night, that's about it.

"The start of the week looks fair and sunny, dry thanks to high pressure out west. Feeling nippy in the north wind today, not so bad tomorrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday at 8C with some sunshine and hardly any breeze.

"Later this week a cold front sweeps down through the UK from the north and Worcestershire will feel chilly.

"Daytime temps of only 5 or 6C but feeling more like 2C in the north wind, down near freezing at night and a widespread frost at the weekend.

"Snow doesn't look too likely for Worcester but Friday looks very unsettled as a low pressure moves down from the north and brings heavy rain, strong winds and potentially some wintriness."

However, one Worcestershire landmark could be given a winter wonderland makeover.

"The Malvern Hills should see sleet and wet snow but to lower levels it might just be sleet showers, icy rain or hail overnight Friday into Saturday, whilst people are sleeping.

"The main focus for any lying snow this week looks to be the far north of Scotland.

"So perhaps something fleeting Friday night which could leave a few wintry deposits for Saturday morning but nothing significant just yet."

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