A housing development near Pershore has been compared to a “concentration camp” by councillors.

At a Pershore Town Council meeting on Thursday, November 18, councillors discussed the ongoing work at the Allesborough Farm housing development.

Councillor Chris Parsons MBE explained that mature hedges have been “ripped out” and replaced by “horrible” wooden fencing.

Speaking at the meeting, he said: “It’s starting to look like a concentration camp up there.

“Was this part of the planning? It looks pretty ugly.”

Speaking after the meeting, councillor Parsons said that it is not just he who opposes the new fences.

He added: “Lots of people around here are saying it looks like a prison camp

“It is not in keeping with the area and it just looks appalling.

“These days we are trying to encourage the growth of trees and wildlife.

“I am just very disappointed with the developer.”

Fellow councillor Dan Boatright has also been very vocal in his opposition to the development which he believes has failed on a promise to deliver affordable housing.

He said: “We have over 1000 people on the social housing lists, and we have a massive lack of rentable accommodation.

“Our house prices are sky-rocketing and local people cannot afford to live here.

“Meanwhile the Allesborough development is not affordable, it is deliberately aimed at a marketplace that is not in the town.

“Whole thing is a joke.”

Evesham Journal: Allesborough Farm prior to the development works, which Matt Nicol described it as a "dilapidated state"Allesborough Farm prior to the development works, which Matt Nicol described it as a "dilapidated state"

The work is being completed by Malvern Developments with Nicol & Co the appointed estate agent responsible for selling the properties.

Matt Nicol, managing director of the estate agents, has explained that there are plans in place for shrubs to be planted alongside the fencing.

He said: “Clearly the site was in a dilapidated state when it was sold to Malvern Developments and they have gone to great lengths to restore the buildings on site.

“Those commenting in the meeting should consider the appearance and finish of these homes versus other sites in the nearby vicinity that are simple boxes without any thought for the area and environment they sit.

“This development represents a huge improvement on what was there before, due to the character and thought put in to the site it will not stand out as ‘new’ for long and whilst a fence may not be as attractive as the previous hedgerow there will be planting on the roadside as part of the planning permission given. Within a year it will establish itself and improve the look.”

Mr Nicol also explained that the pandemic and other factors have seen prices increase since his company appraised the homes in 2019 but despite this the asking prices have not increased.

He also added that the population increase will be beneficial for Pershore’s independent shops.