Thousands has been raised for a nine-year-old boy battling cancer.

Josh Asbury, from Evesham, contracted Covid at the end of September and just 12 weeks later he is now undergoing weekly chemotherapy sessions.

What doctors initially suspected to be the aftereffects of the virus was in fact T-lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoma, with which Josh was diagnosed in November.

His father, Andy Asbury, said: “I was just extremely shocked.

“He went into surgery for a collapsed lung and doctors noticed something that didn’t look right.

“I went off to pick his younger brother up from nursery and then got a call asking us to come back.

“It was a massive shock for everybody, even the doctors.”

Evesham Journal: Josh began receiving chemotherapy on November 20Josh began receiving chemotherapy on November 20

Josh started chemotherapy on November 20 and treatment is expected to last three and a half years.

Andy added: “In 12 weeks we have gone from having a very fit and healthy boy who would normally be playing football every weekend to one who is very tired and fatigued.

“Normally he doesn’t sit still, he is always out and about, playing with friends. He never stops!”

Despite everything going on, Andy says his son has remained strong.

Even whilst in hospital Josh has continued to think of others, using his pocket money to buy Birmingham Children Hospital badges for his classmates and teachers at Badsey First School.

His dad said: “He has just been very brave and taken it all on board, although I am not sure how much of it he understands.

“We have all been very open with him about everything that is going on

“Some days he is very sad and down and he just wants to go out with friends. He asks ‘why me? Why can’t I go out and play?’

“We do get the occasional smile from him but it takes a lot more now.”

Evesham Journal: Before treatment started, Josh played football every weekendBefore treatment started, Josh played football every weekend

The situation has also been a challenge for Josh’s family.

Andy added: “It’s been hard.

“His mother, my wife, Heather has spent weeks in hospital and I am trying to keep life as normal as possible for his brother, Jack.

“Due to visiting restrictions I didn’t see my wife for about three and a half weeks. Heather could have come home but she wanted to be there for Josh at all times.

“Now Josh is home it feels similar to the first lockdown. We don’t go out too much and don’t invite people in. It is a massive change.”

Evesham Journal: Josh's dad described him as a "very fit and healthy boy"Josh's dad described him as a "very fit and healthy boy"

With the family going through such difficult times, Josh’s aunt, Victoria Jinks, decided to launch a GoFundMe so that Josh could go on an amazing holiday once treatment is complete.

So far, the fundraiser has received an incredible £6,025.

Andy said: “It is really crazy.

“Josh is a huge animal lover so I’m sure we will spend it on something animal-related. He has mentioned going to Australia to see the Kangaroos!

“But it is Josh’s money so we will wait until he has finished his treatment and then he can decide what he wants to do.”

You can find out more, or donate to, the fundraiser here.