THE festive period is a time for curling up with a good film. But some of the locations may be more familiar than you realise. 

Worcestershire's beautiful scenery and historic buildings have provided great opportunities for filmmakers over the years.

So, which Christmas classics were filmed in Worcestershire or nearby?

The Holiday 

The 2006 film follows a house swap from two women with seemingly hopeless love lives, one from California and one from a small village in Surrey.

You might not have known that the Christmas hit starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet was partially filmed nearby.

Some of the roads featured in the film are actually in Great Wolford, which is not too far from Stratford-upon-Avon.

The iconic festive flick is traditionally synonymous with Surrey.

The Christmas Candle

The 2013 Christmas film, based on a book by Max Lucado, was filmed in Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and the Isle of Man. 

The Worcestershire location used was Tudor House in the village of Broadway.

Starring Samantha Barks, Susan Boyle and Hans Matheson, The Christmas Candle tells the story of a pastor who has suffered a personal loss.

He accepts a position in a town that believes in a Christmas miracle candle, and works to abolish it.

Death at Christmas

Parts of the 2017 short film were shot at South Bromsgrove High School and the Manor House at Blackwell Adventure Centre.

The film is a murder mystery set on Christmas Eve about a group of characters with varying ages and backgrounds.

On a stormy winter's night in an old manor house, a group of friends meet for a Christmas Eve dinner before being interrupted by a shocking murder.

The story was filmed by a group of students from South Bromsgrove High School.