The winner of Strictly Come Dancing has given a local baby sign language class a festive boost.

TinyTalk are weekly classes aimed at teaching babies and toddlers sign language, helping them to communicate before they can even talk.

Last week the group welcomed the festive period with a party featuring snowman building and presents.

Teacher Mollie Prior believes the recent success of Rose Ayling-Ellis has pushed signing into the national spotlight.

She said: “At the end of another tough year it was a joy to be able to be able to celebrate the Christmas season together with some TinyTalk fun!

“Signing has really hit the headlines after Strictly Come Dancing’s Rose and Giovanni dancing success and brought signing to the forefront of inclusivity and communication.

“There’s never been a perfect time to start learning sign language!”

Evesham Journal: You're never too young to start learning sign language!You're never too young to start learning sign language!

Mollie began delivering the classes in 2017 in Evesham, Droitwich and north Worcester.

Now, classes are held every Monday, at Cropthorne Village Hall, as well as each Friday, at Dumbleton Village Hall.

Each session lasts one hour and involves songs, games, books and sensory activities, followed by playtime and refreshments.

During the class, babies and their parents are taught signs from British Sign Language.

It is hoped that doing this will give children a voice before they are able to speak, allowing them to express their thoughts and needs which TinyTalk say results in “far fewer frustrations and tantrums, and very happy, understood babies”.

There are also classes for toddlers, where sign language is paired with talking and other valuable skills.

Evesham Journal: Last week the local TinyTalk group held a Christmas partyLast week the local TinyTalk group held a Christmas party

TinyTalk first launched in 2002, created by former primary school teacher, and mum of two, Katie Mayne.

There are now over 100 franchises across the UK and Switzerland, with TinyTalk teaching over 7,000 young families, delivering nearly 500 classes each week.

Classes have also been delivered in Germany, Australia and the United Arab Emirates and TinyTalk is recognised as the leading provider of baby sign language in the UK and has partnered with the likes of Tesco, Harrods, ITV, LEGO DUPLO and Supernanny.