AN unvaccinated dad of three has issued a fresh video plea for people to get their vaccines after he narrowly escaped death.

Worcester News revealed last week how Andrew Pugh spent three weeks in intensive care and was hospitalised at Worcestershire Royal Hospital over Christmas after testing positive for Covid in early December.

Mr Pugh was receiving 75 per cent of his oxygen through a full face mask and struggled to eat, drink or sleep as he was connected to life-saving apparatus.

Evesham Journal: Andrew Pugh in hospital.Andrew Pugh in hospital.

At one point, his long-term girlfriend received a call from the nurses to say it was fifty-fifty whether he would make it through the ordeal alive as his life hung in the balance.

Put off by misleading stories on social media, Mr Pugh says he didn't get vaccinated as he feared it would impact his health.

However, in a fresh video interview with Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust and Worcestershire County Council, the 52-year-old refuse collector urged people not to make the same mistake as he did.

He said: "What it's been like for the last few weeks for me, it has been terrifying, scary not knowing what's going to happen to me.

"I've got varicose veins in my legs and I'd been reading what people had been putting on Facebook about people dying with blood clots, and secondly I thought the vaccine was made too quickly.

"I was a really active person, always looking after my grandkids, working, and just in day-to-day life in general. 

"Now I'm in here (hospital), I can hardly feel my legs or my body, I can only walk about 20 or 30 feet without being out of breath and my life has just gone downhill.

"I didn't want the vaccine and look how I ended up, I ended up in hospital. 

"So to those who haven't had the vaccine, please have a look at my photos and everything I have put together, it's scary.

"It doesn't just affect my life, it affects my family's life because when you've actually died there ain't no coming back from this. 

"So please get your vaccines. Please."

Mr Pugh, from Worcester, has now been released from hospital and reunited with his family.

However, he is still having to rely on oxygen to help with his breathing as his recovery from long Covid continues.

His full interview with the trust can be seen below.