The Green Party are celebrating a big win following yesterday’s by-election.

Residents of The Littletons took to the polls on Thursday to vote for a new councillor to represent the ward at Wychavon District Council.

The by-election came following the death of long-standing Conservative councillor Richard Lasota last year.

Green Party candidate Hannah Robson secured 39.1 per cent of the vote to claim the position.

The result saw the Conservative Party's share of the vote drop by some 17.8 per cent, according to Britain Elects - "the UK’s largest poll aggregator".

Vote for the Green Party also dropped, by 6.3 per cent, while the Liberal Democrats saw an increase of 24.1 per cent.

In total, 744 votes were cast, a turnout of 32 per cent.

Green Party co-leader Adrian Ramsay said: "This fantastic election result is the latest in a string of Green victories taking seats from what used to be considered safe Conservative areas. When you have hard-working local Greens, there is no such thing as a safe council seat.

"Ever-growing numbers of people are voting Green as they recognise that we will provide the action on the climate and environmental emergencies that is so urgently needed and will work hard on behalf of the local community."

The result has been celebrated by Green Party members up and down the country.

Locally, Malvern Hills District councillor Natalie McVey took to social media to celebrate her fellow Green Party member’s success.

She wrote: “Congratulations Hannah Robson and @mwvggreens on winning the Wychavon District Council by-election in The Littletons.

“Thank you to everyone who has volunteered, from across the region, to secure this well-earned victory.

“Another seat taken from The Conservatives!”

Meanwhile, Andy Fewings, leader of the Greens on Burnley Council, tweeted: “Amazing work, congratulations to the team!

“Once again @TheGreenParty makes #GTTO a verb.”

Full result:

David Quayle – Liberal Democrats – 179

Hannah Robson – Green Party – 291 (ELECTED)

Mary Smith – Conservative Party – 274

Electorate: 2325 Ballots papers issued: 744 Rejected:1 Turnout: 32%