A woman is at boiling point, having been left for three months without hot water.

Laura Jones, 37, of Shawcross Walk off Port Street, first reported the issue to her housing association, Rooftop Housing, in September when the boiler first broke down.

She claims that the workmen who have visited since have only escalated the problem.

She said: “It is a very awkward situation I've not known who to turn to.

“My message to Rooftop is do you and your works team plan on correcting this work and covering up your mistakes?

“Will I be getting an apology for the amount of time it has gone on and the number of times you have let me down?”

Ms Jones, who lives alone, claims the emergency plumber that was sent out when she first reported the breakdown, only made matters worse.

“He was banging around inside trying to loosen something, that's when it began to first leak.

“He took the fuse out and used Gaffa tape to hold up the stopcock and said it will stop it from filling up.”

“It came undone when I was at work and when I returned, my floor was swimming with water.”

On October 13, an electrician was sent to deal with the situation however Ms Jones said she was again left “dissatisfied with poor workmanship”.

Lisa Nichols, housing director at Rooftop, explained that the delay to the work was not just the fault of the company.

She said: “Whilst there are things that we could have done better on this occasion, there were several missed appointments that have prevented this being resolved earlier.

“We understand that our repairs contractors have now been in contact again to carry out the repair and we are sorry for this delay.

“It is important to us to provide a quality service and therefore learning from this will be used to help us continually develop our service.”

Platform Property Care carry out repairs on behalf of Rooftop.

Director of operations, Marc Mayall, added: "An appointment is currently being organised to finalise the works that need to be carried out at Ms Jones' home.

“Since she first contacted her housing provider, we have arranged a number of appointments but unfortunately Ms Jones was not at home.

“We will continue to keep in touch with her to confirm a new date and would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused."