Councillors are urging dog owners to pick up after their pets after children's football coaches were left to pick up 42 bags of dog poo.

Staff at Pershore Town have had to pick up dozens of bags of dog mess which has created issues for the club’s youth teams.

Together with Pershore Town Council, the club helps maintain King George’s Field, located behind the Community Stadium on King George’s Way.

A spokesman said: “It has been commented on by the Sunday and Saturday managers that they have had to pick up dog and fox mess, even more so, since the pandemic has practically finished and people are allowed out now.

“It is exasperating as the pitch doesn't need mowing at this time of year, so the mess is not dispersed in this way!”

Evesham Journal: The council have said that dog fouling poses health and safety concerns. Picture: Getty/richard johnsonThe council have said that dog fouling poses health and safety concerns. Picture: Getty/richard johnson

At last week’s full council meeting, councillor Richard Grantham said coaches had to pick up 42 bags of mess before his son’s team were allowed to train on the pitch.

Fellow councillor Val Wood has urged people to pick up after their pets, warning of the potential health effects.

“The amount of dog fouling in a number of areas of public open space is very disappointing and the Town Council would urge all dog owners and dog walkers to pick up after their animals and use the bins provided,” she said.

“This is particularly true of King George’s Field which is a recreation area and is used on a regular basis by children.

“Dog faeces can transmit disease between dogs and humans as well as between dogs.

“The Town Council would urge everyone using the local recreation grounds and all areas of open space, which we are very lucky to have, to please pick up after their dogs and enable the areas to be safe for children to play and for everyone to use.”

The football club has come up with a solution, but it would require major investment.

The spokesman added: “A 4G pitch would eradicate this problem for us.

“It would also mean we would be able to play more youth team games down at the club during the weekend, plus train down there in the week.”