A LOUD military aircraft could be heard flying over Evesham this evening (Thursday).

The Boeing Chinook helicopter flew over the town heading south east this evening at just after 6.15pm.

The RAF helicopter had flown from Snowdon in North Wales and over Worcester at an altitude of 5,000ft.

It then flew towards Evesham.

Chinooks are extremely distinctive with two propellers and used for moving up to 55 troops or 22,000lb of freight.

Video: Chinook over Worcester earlier today

While its flight path and the final destination is unknown, it certainly had people looking to the skies after hearing its distinctive loud noise.

They are often used in emergencies in the UK such as getting supplies to snowbound people or helping reconstruct flood defences damaged by winter storms, according to the Royal Air Force.

A second Chinook also flew over the Worcester from the direction of Malvern towards the city centre.