A FOOTBALL fan banned from attending England international matches abroad twice failed to hand over his passport to police.

Thomas Dee of Merstow Green, Evesham was subject to a football banning order but twice failed to comply with the same requirement.

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The 22-year-old appeared before magistrates in Worcester where he admitted, as the subject of a football banning order, failing without reasonable excuse to report to the police station and surrender his forms of travel authorisation.

Evesham Journal:

BAN: Thomas Dee is banned from travelling to England football games abroad. He twice failed to hand over his passport.


He did this twice - between October 4 and 5 last year for the match between England and Andorra during the World Cup Qualifiers and again between November 10 and 11 for the match between England and San Marino, again part of World Cup Qualifiers.

The football banning order, made under section 15 of the Football Spectators Act 1989, was imposed upon Dee on September 3, 2019.

Melanie Winterflood, prosecuting, said the banning order was made for three years, one of the conditions being he had to surrender travel documents including his passport at Worcester Police Station.

"There is no suggestion he travelled abroad - he just did not submit his passport" said Miss Winterflood.


Evesham Journal:

CASE: The sentence for Dee happened at Worcester Magistrates Court on Thursday.


He was later to tell officers 'he had quite a lot going on in his life at that time'. She said the failure to comply with the requirements was at the lower end of the scale.

"It is the first breach I can see of the football banning order since it was imposed in 2019" she said.

Mark Turnbull, defending, said the order had been in place two and half years without him breaching it before now and he had kept police informed of his various changes of address.

"There's no evidence of him having gone abroad. He hasn't gone abroad to watch football games - he has failed to supply his documents" said Mr Turnbull.

Magistrates fined him £40 for each breach, ordered him to pay a victim surcharge of £34 and costs of £135.

He asked if, in future, he could hand in his travel documents at Evesham Police Station but his solicitor said it was 'not manned'.