Jim Davidson has slammed Evesham Town Council, claiming it attempted to "cancel" him.

The controversial comedian performed at the town hall on Saturday night, two months after the town clerk put a motion on January's council meeting agenda to discuss the “suitability” of his act.

At the meeting, councillors unanimously agreed to hold no opinion on the matter.

Now, Davidson has criticised the clerk and offered her a free ticket to his next show.

Speaking after Saturday’s performance he said: “You have these unelected officials, like the council clerk in Evesham, who attempt to get you cancelled because they don’t like you.

“It’s simple isn’t it really; if you don’t like me then don’t buy a ticket. But don’t tell people what they can and can’t watch.”

During the two back-to-back performances, Davidson joked with the audience about the aforementioned council meeting.

The comedian also confirmed that profits from the show will go to charity.

He added: “I sold out so obviously people still want to see me. We had a bloody good laugh and raised a lot of money for the lads and ladies at Caister Lifeboat, who do fantastic work saving lives at sea.

“That’s not mentioning the fact those ticket sales go towards the town hall itself, so you’d think whoever this clerk is that they’ll be happy with that, whether they like me or not.

“And there’s no hard feelings. Everyone’s allowed an opinion. And I’ll get them a complimentary ticket to see me before I sell out next time I’m here.”

Evesham Journal: Jim Davidson at Evesham Town Hall on Saturday. Picture: Jane KnuckleyJim Davidson at Evesham Town Hall on Saturday. Picture: Jane Knuckley

The clerk, Francesca Pridding, has explained that cancelling Davidson was not her intention.

She said: “I think it’s unfortunate that so many people including Mr Davidson and the media don’t understand how local government works.

“My job is literally the opposite of ‘cancelling’ someone, my job is to make sure that all sides of a debate are considered; it’s important that local people know what their elected representatives consider important and understand their values.

“I am pleased to hear that the event successfully raised funds for charity, perhaps the Council’s discussion contributed to the increased publicity.”

Collections have taken place before and after each of Davidson’s Unlocked tour shows, with the money going towards the Caister Lifeboat charity, which is working towards building a £2.5 million all-weather boat.

More than £5,000 has been raised from these collections and that figure has been boosted after Davidson announced he would donate the ticket profits from Saturday’s show in Evesham to the cause.