An ‘EYESORE’ in Evesham has driven councillors to take action.

Councillors have agreed to send a letter to the owners of 43 High Street, formerly an Argos.

The building has been in its current state since it was boarded up to keep a rough sleeper from camping outside it.

At the Evesham Town Council meeting on Monday, councillor Nigel Deacon said: “Everyone who speaks to me refers to it as an eyesore, and it is an absolute eyesore.

“The boarding appeared after an unfortunate homeless chap was sleeping there and it was cordoned off to prevent him from accessing it and it’s just not been attended to at all since.

“It’s right opposite the bus stop so when people are visiting the town the first thing they see is this hideous boarded-up frontage.”

Evesham Journal: The former Argos store on High StreetThe former Argos store on High Street

The councillor added that the Vale of Evesham Civic Society said it had written to the agents of the owners, first in November and then a follow in January, but received no response.

He has suggested the council “put their weight” behind the message and remind the owners that there is a grant available to improve the appearance of the building.

He has suggested using the funds to make the boards “more attractive” such as painting them or creating a mural on them.

Councillor Tim Haines, also on the Civic Society committee, said it is his understanding that 43 High Street is a listed building and is home to an “elegant” Georgian staircase.

He added: “I too have tried to do something about the boarding at the Argos shop

“I initially contacted the Sainsburys, who own Argos, and was given an email address to write to which I did proposing to put a mural up on the boarding and I also got no response.

“But absolutely, it’s a very good idea and we should try and put some colour on there.”

Evesham Journal: The shop was boarded up to prevent a rough sleeper accessing itThe shop was boarded up to prevent a rough sleeper accessing it

However, councillor Julie Tucker responded, to say that there appears to be confusion about who owns the property.

She said: “Actually Argos don’t own the building, its another owner and I think that’s part of the problem because they are in dispute with Argos and I think that’s why its been left as it is for so long.”

Councillors passed the motion, agreeing to send a letter to the owners.