A DRAMATIC retelling of the crucifixion is taking place in Worcester city centre tomorrow.

Cathedral Square will host the Worcester Passion Play which will be performed tomorrow, Good Friday (April 15) at 10.30am.

The open-air performance will detail the story of the day that Jesus was arrested, tried and crucified before rising from the dead on Easter Sunday.

The production features a full cast of actors, including the Bishop of Worcester, John Inge, who is set to be 'crucified' as part of the performance.

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The play consists of 14 scenes which are detailed on the onegoodfriday website.

The scenes are:

  1. Palm Sunday – Jesus rides onto Jerusalem
  2. The Temple Scene – Jesus upsets the traders
  3. The Jewish priests determine to arrest Jesus
  4. The Last Supper – Part One – Judas leaves
  5. The priests bribe Judas to betray Jesus
  6. The Last Supper – Part Two – Jesus and his disciples
  7. Gethsemane – the betrayal and arrest of Jesus
  8. Pilate, the Roman Governor, arrives in Jerusalem
  9. Peter, in the High Priest’s courtyard, denies knowing Jesus
  10. The trial of Jesus
  11. Jesus is condemned. He carries his cross through the streets to Golgotha
  12. The Crucifixion
  13. The Burial of Jesus
  14. The resurrection and ascension of Jesus


At the start of last year, 50 people began rehearsing from churches across Worcester for the performance, which had to be delayed due to the pandemic.

The 90-minute performance is a partnership between the Worcester Passion Play Ltd and the Christian theatre group, Wintershall.

A screen and sound systems are due to be installed for onlookers to enhance the experience.

The event will be free to attend for all those wishing to see the performance.