A SCHOOL'S new building has led to it becoming one of the most undersubscribed in Evesham, after previously being overcrowded. 

Thanks to the two-storey extension of Honeybourne Primary Academy the school this academic year has had 172 pupils with a capacity of 210. 

A school is under capacity when the number of potential places at a school is greater than number of pupils enrolled.

Evesham Journal: BUILDING: Headteacher Dominic Davis in the new buildingBUILDING: Headteacher Dominic Davis in the new building

We reported last month that the school had been one of the most overcrowded in the county as Department for Education figures for the academic year 2020/2021 showed it had 168 pupils but only 140 official places.

But the school, formerly known as Honeybourne First School, has completely turned it round with headteacher Dominic Davis saying: "Next year we are at 177, but that will change as we do have spaces in reception for September.

"Some year groups are full, but there are spaces in others.

"We got a grant from the local authority to improve our accommodation, to be able to take on more pupils."

Temporary classrooms that had been in the grounds of the School Street-based school for more than 30 years have been pulled out, with the new build now in use increasing potential class sizes from 20 to 30.

"The building was built last year, and we moved in last September," the headteacher, who started last September, said.

"It's two storeys, with nursery, year 4, 5 and year 6 moved in.

"It has been excellent, the children are really happy using the new space.

"We are the school of choice in the area. We have got great community links, working with Honeybourne Parish Council and Evesham Abbey Trust."

Evesham Journal: BUILDING: The new building at Honeybourne Primary SchoolBUILDING: The new building at Honeybourne Primary School

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The school is also exploring the possibility of introducing wrap around care.

"We currently have a breakfast club, and after school clubs, football and tag rugby," the headteacher said.

"It would be half 7am until 5.30pm. There has been on a consultation and we have had a lot of positive feedback. 

"We are also looking at holiday provision as well, that would benefit the whole area."

The headteacher added they were in the process of organising an official opening of the building, with the previous headteacher Elaine Huntington invited along.