Three military transport planes have been spotted flying in formation near Worcester.

The aircraft, believed to be Lockheed C-130J Hercules from RAF Brize Norton, were seen near the city this afternoon (Tuesday, May 17).

The flight path of the three planes saw them fly over the Cotswolds and Tewkesbury, towards Malvern and up to Worcester before heading back south over Kempsey.

According to the app Flightradar, the three Hercules were flying at an altitude of 1,745 feet and at a ground speed of 200 kts.

The planes are capable of flying at altitudes of more than 20,000 so this will have been a low-level formation training exercise.

Malvern residents who spotted the three Hercules wondered if they were practicing ahead of the upcoming Platinum Jubilee flypasts.

The C-130 Hercules is one of the longest continuously-produced military aircraft, having been manufactured for more than 60 years.

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“The finesse required to fly these large aircraft in such close proximity is a special skill that requires regular practice,” an RAF spokesperson said about a previous training exercise.

“It’s really important to remember that if and when the C-130 is called to perform an airdrop for real, lives will likely be at stake. ‘Train hard, fight easy’ as the saying goes really does hold weight here, we must be ready to deliver whenever and wherever we are called upon.”