An Evesham school has suffered a “malicious” cyber-attack.

The De Montfort School has been the victim of a ransomware attack, which has affected all of the school's IT systems including the website as well as phone and email lines.

A statement released by the school on Tuesday stated that it is not thought that any data, personal or otherwise, has been shared or stolen as a result of the attack.

Headteacher Ruth Allen wrote to parents earlier this morning to provide an update.

The letter read: “Our IT team have been working throughout the evening to restore our systems.

“We have made some progress, but we still have a way to go before all systems are fully restored.

“The school is open to all students and the GCSE and A Level examinations will go ahead as scheduled today.

“Please be aware that staff are still unable to access their emails and have been unable to access them since Monday evening. We are working on restoring this ASAP.”

The school’s office email,, is now up and running again.

Additionally, anyone needing to contact the school can call 01386 442060.

The school website remains down as of 10:45am on Wednesday, May 25.