A British soap actress will be taking to the stage in Malvern in a stage version of the iconic board game "Cluedo".

Michelle Collins, an actress renowned for playing Cindy Beale in Eastenders, will be playing Miss Scarlett in the new whodunnit. 

Ms Collins said: "We all wanted to be Miss Scarlett.

Evesham Journal: Michelle Collins as Miss Scarlett in Cluedo: Photo by Craig SugdenMichelle Collins as Miss Scarlett in Cluedo: Photo by Craig Sugden

"Miss Scarlett is one of the most iconic characters, along with Colonel Mustard and Professor Plum maybe, which makes it more difficult to play. 

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"Me and my sister would go and stay with my five cousins and we would all fight for that part but because I’m the bossy one, I would always get it. 

"And I think because of lockdown people have gone back to board games, just to be together really."

Ms Collins is keen to put her own spin on the classic board game character to bring her to life for the stage.

She added: "I’ll have to have my own take on her but it’s really exciting to play someone who, like most women, has more going on than you see on the surface.

"She has a history. She’s very smart, looks glam and dressed up but she’s the smart cookie.

"I’ve never seen the film but I might swerve it because this will be very different: very funny, very dry a little dark at times but ultimately great entertainment.

"And I think it’s the perfect climate for something feel-good like this. People are desperate to get back to the theatre.

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"They miss that creativity in their lives.

"And it’s great that the play is something for all the family, something everyone can enjoy after the couple of years we’ve had."

Evesham Journal: Michelle Collins stars in Cluedo at Malvern Theatres: Photo by Craig SugdenMichelle Collins stars in Cluedo at Malvern Theatres: Photo by Craig Sugden

The show will be at Malvern Theatres from June 20 - 25.

A spokesperson from Malvern Theatres said: "When Miss Scarlett, Professor Plum, Mrs Peacock, Reverend Green, Mrs. White and Colonel Mustard arrive at a country house one dark and stormy evening, they are surprised to find they have all received the same intriguing invitation from Lord Boddy.

"It soon becomes clear that they all have something to hide as the mystery and hysteria grows and the inhabitants and guests of Boddy Manor are killed off one by one, with a variety of familiar weapons, leaving everyone to wonder, who will be next."