A HOMELESS man who died suddenly was always 'respectful' says the big-hearted manager who would give him clothes and heat up his pies.

Rob Carling, site manager at St Martin's Quarter in Worcester, will 'miss' Ben Kreisler who would often sit on the steps near Asda.


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Ben Kreisler's funeral due to take place later this month

The 36-year-old, who battled drug addiction, was found dead in his room at St Paul's Hostel in Tallow Hill on Monday, May 23.

Despite efforts to revive him, including by hostel staff, he could not be saved.

Evesham Journal: MISSED: Ben KreislerMISSED: Ben Kreisler

The 60-year-old contractor of We Clean got to know Mr Kreisler, originally from Pershore, over the nine years he had worked on the site and the two would often speak and share a laugh together.

He said: "I will miss him. I do miss him. He was a character. Ben never caused me any problems at all."

Although he said the steps near Asda could not become a 'permanent shrine' to Mr Kreisler he nevertheless wanted people to be able to come and pay their respects in their own way before and even after the funeral.

Evesham Journal: IMPACT: Ben Kreisler's death has touched people across the community in WorcesterIMPACT: Ben Kreisler's death has touched people across the community in Worcester

Flowers and other tributes and personal messages have been left there since his death as the steps became a focal point for remembering and honouring Mr Kreisler. 

The service is due to take place at Hope Church (the former granary building) in Lowesmoor, Worcester on Thursday, June 30 at 11.30am.

The building is just a few years from where Mr Kreisler would sit on the steps outside Asda.

Mr Carling said even when Mr Kreisler had been asked to leave the site he would say 'no problem, I will move on'.

He added: "I took the time to show him a bit of respect. That's what it's all about.

"People used to stop quite regularly and bring him food. He never really expected that. He was always polite and said 'thank you'. 

"He never ever caused me problems on site. If somebody would give him a pie he would ask somebody from the office to warm it up for him.

"He knew I had a microwave. I always used to do that for him, no questions asked. And he gave the respect back, 100 per cent." 

Evesham Journal: PERSONAL: A tribute left for Ben KreislerPERSONAL: A tribute left for Ben Kreisler

Mr Carling, who many may recognise as a DJ in Worcester's pub scene and the man who brought karaoke to the Exchange in the city centre, said his wife would bring clothes to donate to Barnardo's but that she would let Mr Kreisler pick out any items he wanted first.

"All said and done, he was a nice chap. It's so sad to see a young life lost. He was no age at all" said Mr Carling.

Despite sometimes sleeping rough on the street, Mr Carling said Mr Kreisler was 'always smart'. "He was always well-groomed, never scruffy" said Mr Carling.

Mr Carling described how Mr Kreisler would wash his hair using the tap by the Asda steps.

He said: "I have no hair and I used to joke and say where's your Timotei shampoo? He used to laugh and throw his hair back like in the adverts."