CAR EXPERTS from Bindley Group in the West Midlands have revealed how the hot weather can damage your car.  

Chris Adams, operations director advises car owners to take extra care with car batteries, oil and air conditioning during the summer months. 

Mr Adams said the hot weather can cause tyres to expand and lead to punctures and blowouts. 

"If you make frequent trips or have a long journey ahead, then be sure to check your tyre pressure every two weeks. This will help to maintain fuel efficiency, too.

"Summer heat can also cook your battery too, reducing its ability to hold charge and power the vehicle. Service in the run-up to the summer months should be enough, but you can also ask a mechanic to check its charge.

"They’ll be able to let you know if you need to replace it entirely too.

"As for oil, high temperatures can end up increasing friction and cause long-term damage to your engine.

"To remedy this, replacing the oil with a high-quality alternative (ideally before summer) will do the trick – just be sure to use the recommended oil according to the owner’s manual.

"Regularly topping your car up with a quality coolant that offers protection over and above 140°C can be enough to stop your coolant from working up too much of a sweat."