THE nephew of David Venables, accused of murdering his wife Brenda, told a jury he was present when her remains were found at his property.

David Venables denies murdering his wife between May 2 and May 5 1982, with his trial underway at Worcester Crown Court.

The jury earlier heard the 89-year-old retired pig farmer was arrested in July 2019 after Brenda’s remains were found in a septic tank at Quaking House Farm in Kempsey.

Evesham Journal: TRIAL: David Venables. Picture: PATRIAL: David Venables. Picture: PA

David's nephew Andrew Venables took the witness box on Friday, (July 17).

The jury heard Andrew’s wife Jessamy phoned Aqua Cleansing after a septic tank at their home, Quaking House, had been unusually full of water.

The firm sent out Alistair Pitt and Andrew said he kept an eye on his work as he wanted to understand how to stop blockages from happening.

Mr Pitt discovered a human skull and his pipe also became blocked by human hair.

“When he told me, I went to have a look,” Andrew said.

Prosecutor Michael Burrows QC asked: “You phoned the police?”

“Yes,” Andrew replied.

Andrew confirmed there was no contact with his uncle in the days after the discovery.

Evesham Journal: HOUSE: Quaking House farmhouse. Picture: SWNSHOUSE: Quaking House farmhouse. Picture: SWNS

Andrew also shared details of his childhood and said when Brenda went missing he was 14.

He said he only saw his uncle and aunt during school holidays as he was at boarding school.

Asked to describe Brenda, Andrew said: “She was very well presented.

“She was clean and tidy in housework. She was hospitable to me bringing orange juice and coffee.

“She was a nice, kind lady.”

Evesham Journal: 'KIND': Brenda Venables'KIND': Brenda Venables

The jury heard the statement given by Alistair Pitt after the discovery of human remains.

Mr Pitt said: “I had only been working (in the job) for two weeks.

“I started to suck out the contents, I encountered a blockage.”

Mr Pitt said he found large chunks of hair and large bones and told Andrew Venables they were not animal.

“I didn’t know what to do,” he said.

“What happened really shook me up.”

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Jessamy Venables also gave evidence telling the jury David Venables first suggested they bought Quaking House in 2007 but they said no.

She told the jury the couple had explored the possibility, including in 2010, but decided it didn’t suit their needs.

Jessamy Venables said after the birth of a child and wanting to live in a school catchment area they then changed their mind.

“It was me who went to David Venables and said we had a deal (on a house) fall through, and we want to buy your house,” Jessamy Venables said.

The trial continues.