A CRASH and a broken down vehicle on the M5 caused significant delays this afternoon.

The crash was first reported on the M5 heading southbound between junctions 5 and 6 (Droitwich).

It was confirmed by National Highways that two cars were involved in the collision, and National Highways attended the scene to help return traffic to normal.

Two cars were involved and two lanes were closed to help return the motorway to normal.

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A spokesperson for National Highways said: "There’s been an incident involving 2 vehicles.

"It happened at approximately 3pm. No injuries have been reported and it is in the process of being cleared."

Severe delays followed the collision, with the AA traffic checker saying slow-moving traffic was reported following the crash, with average speeds of 20mph.

At approximately 6.06pm, another incident was reported on the M5 heading northbound.

Lane 1 was closed between J7 and J6 near Worcester due to a broken-down vehicle.

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Recovery vehicles were deployed to the M5 by National Highways after the incident was reported.

Delays of 40 mins and approximately nine miles of congestion followed the incident.

An eye-witness told us that the vehicle appeared to be a "broken down horse box near to junction six.