A 14-year-old girl cut off over a foot of hair to support her teammate battling cancer.

Sophie George, from Evesham, had around 18 inches of her hair cut off to raise money for fellow Badsey Rangers player, Josh Asbury.

Josh, 9, was diagnosed with T-lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoma in November after doctors initially thought it to be the long-term effects of Covid.

Sophie and Josh had never met when she first decided to cut her hair.

On Saturday, at the Round of Gras pub, Sophie had the cut, having raised more than £2,000.

“Josh was there to make the first cut and he also gave me a card to say thank you for what I was doing which was really nice.

“He seemed to be doing really well and was just his usual cheeky self.

“It’s really nice to see what everyone in the community is doing to support Josh and his family.”

Evesham Journal: Before and afterBefore and after

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Sophie’s hair has been sent off, along with a donation, to the Little Princess Trust.

The charity uses the hair to make wigs for children who have lost their own due to cancer treatment and other conditions.

Saturday’s haircut marked just the fifth in Sophie’s life and she is already planning to grow it out once again.

“I like the shorter hair a lot, it’s much more manageable.

“I think I will grow it out and do it again.”

Evesham Journal: Josh made the first cut on Saturday at the Round of GrasJosh made the first cut on Saturday at the Round of Gras

Sophie’s haircut is one of many events that have taken place across Evesham to support Josh and his family.

In April, Badsey Rangers held a charity football match and next month a music festival, ‘Josh Fest’, will take place at the Round of Gras.

Sophie’s mum, Fiona George, added: “It’s great to see how people have responded, I think Josh’s family have raised nearly £30,000 now which is just amazing.

"The team at the Round of Gras have been incredible, as have the hairdressers at Lykke & Hygge and the many other local businesses who have supported Sophie."

Following nine weeks of intense treatment, Josh was discharged from the hospital in April but recently his family received a call from a consultant who had concerns that he may be relapsing.

Thankfully, tests have since shown that the lymphoma masses are shrinking and that the treatment is working.

Josh’s dad, Andrew Asbury, has been blown away by the support they've received.

“We are always overwhelmed by all the people that want to do things to support Josh and raise money for him,” he said.

“Sophie at her age doing what she has done for both Josh and the little princess is amazing.

“She has been planning this since February but because of Josh’s admission was delayed until now.

“They held a raffle and live music at the round of Gras and turned it into a nice event for the occasion.”

On June 8 Josh began the last phase of treatment, which will take eight weeks.