Historic human remains may have scuppered development plans in Evesham.

Archaeologists have discovered a possible fish-pond holding human remains on the proposed development area (PDA) off Boat Lane.

The land is owned by Taylor Wimpey and a planning application has been submitted to build a road serving a 200-house development, which was approved in 2019.

Wychavon District Council’s planning committee is due to review the application on Thursday, June 23.

The remains of a medieval precinct wall associated with Evesham Abbey, known as Abbot Chyryton’s Wall, is located within the site on the south side of Boat Lane. This is a designated Scheduled Ancient Monument (SAM) and also a Grade II Listed Building.

The fish-pond is located next to a stone structure at the edge of the current excavation area.

Wychavon archaeology and planning advisor, Aidan Smyth, believes the application should not be approved until further archaeological work has taken place.

In the heritage consultation response document on the planning application, Mr Smyth wrote: “It can not be discounted that further structures could survive within the PDA.

“The structure found south of the wall at the extent of the excavation area has a very unusual feature in its foundation.

“Not a drain in the way normal drains are constructed, chapel piscina may have such features which allow for a slow drain of the holy water.

“The structures location next to the pond which has been found to contain human remains raises the significance of the structure as well as the land surrounding it.

“The discovery of human remains from a Medieval context outside of a known burial ground is not common for this part of Worcestershire.”

He continues: “In summary the archaeology found by Border Archaeology in 2022 suggests that a reinterpretation of this part of Evesham is required.

“Until further archaeological works are undertaken the reserved matters application should not be determined.”

The committee meeting takes place at 2pm and is being streamed online.