WITH schools breaking for the summer - a host of fun and free activities are being recommended for families to try out.

The RSPB has launched its Wild Challenge activities, which allow children to win gold, silver or bronze awards while learning about nature and having fun.

Activities include: 

  • Rockpooling - Visiting seaside spots as the tide goes out reveals a world of weird and wonderful sealife including sea anemones, fast-moving shrimp and seaweed.
  • "If you build it" - Building hideyholes and insect homes for the creatures living in your back garden is a great way to discover more about the animals and insects living there.
  • Pond dipping - Taking a look in a pond can reveal all sorts of interesting creatures living in even the smallest of watering holes including dragonfly nymphs or great diving beetles.
  • Bug safari - Take a look in your garden or in the woods under logs and rocks, beneath pots, on leaves and on walls to see the invertebrates living there like wolf spiders, dragonflies and tiger moths.
  • Wild garden ponds - Every wild garden benefits from a pond. Birds bathe in it, dragonflies lay their eggs there and the life cycles of amphibians like frogs and newts rely on them.
  • Inspire friends and family - The RSPB is calling on everyone, young or old, to spread the word about wildlife and local nature and make the case for it to be protected.

For more details of how to complete the challenges and win the awards, go to www.rspb.org.uk/fun-and-learning/for-families/family-wild-challenge/