Police in Evesham have taken back control of an anti-social hotspot.

Officers assisted Rooftop Housing on Tuesday as it took back possession of a property.

The operation came following a lengthy legal process.

A spokesperson for Rooftop said: "On August 2, we took back possession of a property known to be a hot spot of anti-social behaviour (ASB).

"After following the long legal process, and with intelligence gained by working closely with the local policing team, we were able to gain possession.

"This has eased the concerns of local residents, who we thank for their patience and co-operation."

They added: "This is the second case of high-level ASB Rooftop has acted against in recent weeks.

"Working alongside the police, we are strengthening our action against those who cause upset in our local communities.

"We encourage all members of the community to speak out against perpetrators of anti-social behaviour, and would like to ensure them that we listen, act and do the right thing."

A spokesperson for Evesham Safer Neighbourhood Team added: "Busy day for Evesham SNT- along with PC McCrea-Steele and Rooftop Housing have taken back possession of a property.

"Great result given the high levels of anti-social behaviour and concerns within the community."


Please note this article previously quoted a West Mercia Police spokesperson. This should have read a spokesperson of Rooftop Housing. The article has since been amended.