THREE elderly people have been targeted by telephone scammers posing as police officers

A 75-year-old man in Worcester, an 83-year-old woman in Cropthorne and a 79-year-old woman in Pinvin all had scam phone calls yesterday (Wednesday).

The callers were claiming to be from a London police force and asking them to withdraw cash from their bank accounts.

In the first call, the scammer claimed that a bank card had been used fraudulently and suggested the man called 999 whilst the line was still open.

Fortunately, the man realised it was a scam and ended the call.

In the other two incidents the caller asked for money to assist with an investigation.

Both women got as far as going to their banks but no money was handed over to the offenders.

Detective Inspector Emma Wright said: “Once again we are advising people to be vigilant, both for themselves and for their elderly relatives and neighbours who may fall victim to these scams.

"Remember that no police officer would ask for your bank details or suggest that you go to your bank and withdraw funds.

"If you get one of these calls hang up and either call police to report it or get a friend or relative to do it for you.

"Be aware that these fraudsters may hold the line open to interfere with any other call you make, so either use a different phone or wait ten minutes before dialling 101.

"We work closely with local banks so they are aware of such scams and staff are trained to recognise suspicious requests for large sums of money.

"The people who commit these scams are heartless individuals who prey on vulnerable people for their own gain.

"West Mercia Police is committed to working to stop these offences and bring the offenders to justice."