Last night (Friday, August 5), Chris Moyles made a memorable visit to Worcester to perform a set of 90s music at Worcestershire County Cricket Club. 

The DJ, radio and television presenter performed a set of 90s music in an event called 'Chris Moyles' 90s Hangover' and saw crowds of people turn up to enjoy the night. 

David Wellingham and his wife Zoe had travelled all the way from Wales to enjoy the evening with some friends.

Mr Wellingham said: "We've come all the way from Wales.

"It took about an hour and a half but we're Chris Moyles fans so we wanted to come."

Evesham Journal: From left to right: Natasha Thomas, John Symmonds, David Wellingham and Zoe Wellingham From left to right: Natasha Thomas, John Symmonds, David Wellingham and Zoe Wellingham

Friends Simon and Susie Quill and Al and Jean Marchant were keen to be at the concert to enjoy the nostalgia of the 90s music that they grew up with.

The group had set up their spot near the stage by 6.30pm in anticipation of Chris Moyles' performance at 10pm. 

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Mr Quill said: "We are of the generation that grew up with 90s music so we wanted to get here nice and early and make sure we were on the front row." 

Club secretary, Sarah Gluyas, said: "We booked Chris Moyles more than 6 months ago and we're already looking up what possible bookings we can make for next summer because these things are booked that far in advance for tour schedules.

"I think there's a mixture of people excited for the event because it's Chris Moyles and because it's 90s music.

"It's popular because Chris Moyles is a well-known public figure and if you're as old as me, you remember him being on radio 1.

"He's really popular on the commercial radio stations he's with now.

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"90s music is a really popular one as well.

"Again, slightly biased because I'm the generation who grew up with this music.

"But, I think more than anything else for Worcester to have live music and live events like this going on close to the city centre is a big part of the makeup of Worcester.

"Having an event of this size in Worcester is brilliant. Not everyone can get to the NEC in Birmingham or bigger stadiums and we've been conscious of making ticket prices affordable as well.

"It's a recipe that does seem to work really well."