The Vicar of Evesham has recalled his humorous first encounter with Her Majesty The Queen.

Buckingham Palace confirmed that Queen Elizabeth II died peacefully at Balmoral on Thursday September 8, aged 96.

Speaking the morning after, Reverend Andrew Spurr shared his condolences and reflected on the moment he first met her around nine years ago, whilst living in Windsor during a clergy course.

“The first thing she said to me was ‘have we met before?’ to which I replied, no ma’am

“’I am sure I have seen you in one of my dreams’ she responded.

“I never thought I would be the man of Her Majesty’s dreams’, I replied, which gave her a good laugh.”

A book of condolence has been opened at All Saints Church in Evesham, with members of the public welcome to come and write a few words.

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Evesham Journal: A prayer next to the book of condolence at All Saints ChurchA prayer next to the book of condolence at All Saints Church (Image: A prayer next to the book of condolence at All Saints Church)

Revd Spurr will lead the service, at 10am on Sunday September 11, which will mark the death of the Queen.

Paying tribute, he added: "The Queen has provided continuity both by her attentiveness and by her presence.

"She has been an example of what it is possible to achieve by being, rather than necessarily saying.

"She has provided valuable stability in a time when the nation is going through some painful transitions, no less of which the folly of Brexit.

"And this is an important time to give space, to give thanks for her life of service, her witness to the faith which inspired her and which carried her through troubled times, and the way that her character embodied the best of our nation.”

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He also took a moment to welcome the new King.

“In King Charles III we have a man who has spent decades researching the nature of monarchy and whether it is possible to have a national religion,” he said.

"We have a man who both respects our faith and one that will take care in shaping it to be fit for purpose for the century to come."