WORK on the disabled access ramp at Evesham Station finally started this week - months after funding was first secured for the project.

The job is expected to take several months to complete, and will benefit not just those in wheelchairs, but also mothers with prams and passengers with bikes.

Evesham Shopmobility manager Denise Moss said: "We welcome this development. I have spoken to disabled people in the past who found it very difficult to use Evesham Station, particularly the steps, so hopefully this will be a huge improvement for them."

First Great Western train operators promised disabled access to the southbound line three years ago, but plans went back to the drawing board many times as rail bosses disagreed, engineers discovered soil problems and then Network Rail had to make adjustments to the siding. Despite the setbacks, Mayor of Evesham Alan Booth was overjoyed at the news. He said: "I'm really, really pleased to hear this. It's been a long time coming, but the ramp should provide valuable disabled access to Evesham Station and will benefit local residents."

Earlier this year, MP Peter Luff highlighted the fact that Evesham was one of the worst stations in the county in failing to conform to disabled access requirements, as set out in the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.

The Act recognises the need for every stage in a journey to be accessible to disabled people and tries to break down unnecessary barriers and exclusion.

Disabled passengers will now be able to use the southbound platform on the Worcester Road side.

Peter Luff said: "Miracles can still happen. It's taken years, but at last Evesham Station is getting the access it deserves."