The streets of Evesham were left empty this morning as townspeople stayed inside, watching the Queen's funeral.

Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was laid to rest this morning, with a funeral service taking place at Westminster Abbey.

It was expected to be one of the biggest television events in the nation's history and walking through Evesham this morning, it certainly felt that way.

You could practically count on your hands the number of people on the high street, with almost every shop closed as a mark of respect.

Some of the only businesses to open were the pubs and the Regal Cinema, which screened the funeral to offer residents a place to come together and pay respect.

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Evesham Journal: Almost every shop was closed as a mark of respectAlmost every shop was closed as a mark of respect (Image: Almost every shop was closed as a mark of respect)

In the days leading up to the funeral, many residents had found a moment to pay tribute to the Queen in their own way.

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Several high street businesses erected window displays in her honour while the muffled bells of the Bell Tower rang out 96 times the day after her death.

Meanwhile, dozens of people laid flowers by the flagpole outside The Almonry, with many more signing the book of condolence inside the museum. 

Evesham Journal: Flowers left by the flagpole at The AlmonryFlowers left by the flagpole at The Almonry (Image: Flowers left by the flagpole at The Almonry)

Among those to pay respect was the town's mayor, councillor Mark Goodge.

Speaking shortly after Buckingham Palace announced the Queen's death, he said: 

He said: “This is the end of an era and something none of us are ever going to see again.

“She has been such an incredible figure in the lives of so many people.

“There is nothing more I can say other than what an incredible lifetime she has lived and how profoundly sad we are at her passing.”

Evesham Journal: Businesses closed for the Queen's funeralBusinesses closed for the Queen's funeral (Image: Businesses closed for the Queen's funeral)