A DELIVERY driver was left stranded in her car for four hours after she could not afford the AA to tow it out of flood water despite paying for breakdown recovery.

Amanda Upton, who works for Yodel, was aiming to deliver about a dozen parcels before her car got stuck in flood water on King's Lane in Evesham.

But Miss Upton's Saturday got even worse when she found out the AA could not tow away her car for free because it would breach its terms and conditions which were amended in December 2020.

Miss Upton, aged 48, of Rightons Court, Evesham, said: "It is disgraceful. 

"In the end, a resident pushed the car out of the road.

"It is awful how the AA have treated us."

The AA has said it encourages people to find alternative routes during heavy flooding, but when this advice is ignored it can be seen as a 'self-induced fault', which can lead to relevant charges. 

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Evesham Journal: STUCK: woman stuck in flood water on King's LaneSTUCK: woman stuck in flood water on King's Lane (Image: Google Maps)

After being unable to pay the £108 fee, Miss Upton said her car was stuck on King's Lane for three days until a friend towed the car for free on Wednesday night.

The 48-year-old said: "I drove into flood water, which I didn't realise was so deep and I rang the AA up.

"We were waiting in the car for four hours and in the end, we had to walk two and a half miles home. 

"My partner is 68 and he isn't very steady on his feet either. 

"I couldn't feel my toes when I got home, because it was that cold.

"They sent a rescue van and the man said he couldn't tow my car out of the flood water."

Despite being an experience driver she was caught out  by the depth of the water.

She said: "I didn't realise the water was that deep, I drive down that road a lot for work, but my car has been stuck down King's Lane. 

"I was told it would cost me £108 to tow the car and I can't afford that. 

"Now I can't work because I don't have a car, especially with the gas and electric going up.

"It is disgraceful. 

"In the end, a resident pushed the car out of the road.

"It is awful how the AA have treated us.

"I just want them to tow my car to the garage, that's all.

"I pay the AA £19.99 a month for breakdown recovery, so I don't understand why I should have to pay more.

"They told me that their rules changed in December 2020, so they can't tow the car out."

A spokesperson from the AA added: "In this case, the breakdown was initially reported as ‘Stuck in Water’ but when the terms and conditions were explained, the member later reported the job again as a “Won’t Start”.

"Whilst sympathetic towards the member’s predicament, we made it very clear on the first breakdown call that this service would be chargeable."