Torrential rain has caused troubles for a school near Evesham.

As flooding battered the county, Blackminster Middle School saw its grounds go underwater.

The school’s site manager, Jamie Armstrong, said he has never seen anything quite like it.

“The flood isn’t disastrous, just rainwater that has somehow blocked up one of the external drains,” he said.

“In the four years I’ve worked here I’ve never seen so much rainwater affect an area of our school in such a way.”

The school's Facebook account joked that they had set up a windsurfing team and would be getting the pupils to create a coracle in class.

Luckily, the cold weather this week has helped address the situation.

Mr Armstrong added: “It’s starting to dry up and the frost has helped thankfully.

“I will reassess at the end of the week.

“It’s in an outside area so not a real issue to school but annoying all the same.”

Mr Armstrong will no doubt be glad to hear there is no rain in the Met Office's forecast for Evesham and South Littleton, where the school is located.

Temperatures will continue to drop during the nights, with lows of -2C that feel like -4C.

Daytime temperatures will continue to rise as we move toward the weekend, with highs of 6C come Sunday, January 22.