Visitors to Jeremy Clarkson’s farm shop can expect to pay eight times what they would at high street supermarkets.

Prices at the former Top Gear host’s Diddly Squat Farm Shop have continued to rise since it first opened two years ago.

With a large loaf of sourdough bread now setting you back £6, prices are hundreds of per cent higher than at the likes of Aldi, which is just a six minute drive from the shop outside Chipping Norton.

When the shop reopened on Friday, February 10, to coincide with the launch of season two of Clarkson’s Farm there were noticeably fewer visitors.

Clarkson, 62, had closed the shops following backlash over comments he made about Meghan Markle.

The first customers to pay at the counter on Friday spent £134 on just a handful of items.

A box of eggs costs £3.20, while milk from Clarkson's 'cow juice' milk dispenser now costs £1.20 - all up on 2021 prices.

A list of prices can be found below.

Prices at Diddly Squat Farm Shop 2023 (vs Aldi)

  • Honey - £15 (75p)
  • Coffee - £6.95 (£1.85)
  • Eggs - £3.20 (£1.19)
  • Milk  - £1.20 (£1.19)
  • Pesto - £7.99 (95p)
  • Sausages - £4.50 (£2.39)
  • Bread - £5.95 (£1.59)
  • Pork pie - £3.50 (£1.99)
  • Bacon - £4.30 (£1.89)