A WOMAN has slammed the council after being fined while picking up furniture from a charity shop.

Marie Humphreys was collecting a cupboard for her step-daughter from the Sue Ryder shop on Evesham’s high street when she was handed a parking fine.

After seeing her appeal declined, she now faces paying a fine more expensive than the £10 piece of furniture she was collecting.

“This is disgraceful in my opinion,” said Miss Humphreys.

“I would like to appeal the fine further however if I do so and lose the case, I’d have to pay the full £70 fine instead of the reduced amount at £35.

“I am not willing to gamble, the cost incurred would be too great.

“A tax on trying get justice in my opinion and a sly deterrent from the council trying to save them paying out court fees.”

Evesham Journal: The parking signs on High Street, Evesham (as of August 2022)The parking signs on High Street, Evesham (as of August 2022) (Image: Google Maps)

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The incident happened shortly before midday on Wednesday, February 22.

Miss Humphreys claims she spent 10 minutes loading the furniture into her car before taking it to her 22-year-old step-daughters home on Bewdley Street.

She added that the parking signs in this area are “confusing and misleading”.

Tim Deakin, head of property, development and parking for Wychavon District Council, feels this is not the case.

He said: “There is clear signage stating the area around the Sue Ryder Shop in Evesham is a pedestrian zone and loading is not allowed between the hours of 10.30am and 4.30pm.

“Parking in this area at any time, or loading during the stated times, results in the issuing of an instant Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

“We have explained this information to the customer and advised them about how they can formally appeal the PCN should they wish to do so.”

Miss Humphreys, a hospital worker who was born in Evesham, is now urging the council to review these restrictions and believes doing so could boost sales and donations for the charity shop.

“As a consumer, I feel this does not make sense to restrict the times for collection of goods from the charity shop, whose opening times are 9:30am to 5pm,” she added.

“The town is already in dire straits when it comes to lack of consumers.

“This and the traffic issues are a deterrent from people using local stores and I feel morally cheated out of my money for helping out a charity and someone in need.

"I have seen the town decline over the years and the council should be ashamed for thinking this parking fine was justified.”