A DOG from Worcester is the star of Lewis Capaldi’s latest music video.

The chart-topping Scottish singer-songwriter has released the video for his latest hit, Wish You The Best.

Winnie, the five-year-old Cairn terrier, takes centre stage, alongside acting royalty in David Bradley.

Dawn Inett, 49, and Molly Davidson, 24, Winnie’s owners, had no idea their pup would play such a pivotal part in the video.

“We didn’t know it was for Lewis Capaldi until the day before,” said Dawn, owner of dog grooming and training business, The Dog House, in Worcester.

Molly, who works for Dawn, added: “We didn’t know she would be so involved.

“It wasn’t until we got there that they told us she was in every shot.”

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Evesham Journal: Winnie with owners Molly Davidson and Dawn InettWinnie with owners Molly Davidson and Dawn Inett (Image: Newsquest)

Dawn, who breeds Cairn terriers, said they received a call from an agency, Dogs on Camera, in February.

After director Phil Beastall saw a photo of Winnie, they were given ten days to teach her how to carry an envelope in her mouth.

“Terrier being terrier, it was a lot of blood, sweat and tears, late nights and sleepless nights, to get her to do it,” added Molly.

Filming took place in Little Missenden in Amersham later that month before the video was released on Friday, April 14.

In the days since it has amassed over 1.1 million views on YouTube.

Dawn said: “A million people have seen Winnie, a million people all over the world.”

“I think I’m responsible for about 1,000 of the views,” added Molly.

Evesham Journal: Molly and Winnie on setMolly and Winnie on set (Image: Dawn Inett)

In the heart-breaking video, we see Winnie’s owner, played by Harry Potter and After Life star David Bradley, die.

Winnie, who was renamed Willow in the video by mistake, finds a new owner, a postman played by Tom Lewis.

The video ends with the tragic reveal that Winnie herself has grown old and also died.

Reflecting on her first viewing, Molly said: “I think I cried about 50 times, I could not stop crying.”

Dawn added: “I heard the song on the radio for the first time last night and I just stood and cried because it really is something.”

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Evesham Journal: Winnie has previously competed at CruftsWinnie has previously competed at Crufts (Image: Dawn Inett)

Winnie has competed at Crufts and done some photography work in the past, but working on Lewis Capaldi’s video was a new experience for Winnie and her owners alike.

“It’s so great to have her immortalised, she is such a good girl and she was so good at filming,” said Molly.

“I didn’t see her for two days after because she just slept, she was knackered.”

On what the future holds, Molly added: “Who knows?

“It was a lot of work, especially training her to do very specific tasks, and we both had to take days off work.”

You can watch the video for Lewis Capaldi's Wish You The Best here: