VOTERS are set to go to the polls in a week’s time to select who they want to represent them on Wychavon District Council.

There are 111 candidates contesting all 43 seats on Wychavon District Council this year with polls opening from 7am to 10pm on Thursday, May 4.

The current political make-up of the council sees the Conservatives holding 35 seats with the Liberal Democrats on six, the Green Party on three with one independent.

In the Evesham North ward where two seats are available, Mary Tasker and David Tasker will both be standing for Labour against Nick Taylor and Charlie Homer for the Conservatives with Emma Nishigaki and Tim Haines standing as independents alongside Diane Colvin for the Lib Dems and final candidate Sam Bastow.

In the neighbouring Evesham South ward where another two seats will be contested, Ed Cohen and Julie Tucker will represent the Green Party and will be up against Stan Brotherton and Paul Bennett for the Conservatives and independent candidates Joe Caine and Kyle Hotchkins.

The three seats in the Hampton ward will see John Clatworthy, Andrew Dyke and Robert Raphael for the Conservatives battle it out against Labour’s Heather Kelleher and Brian Gregory, the Lib Dems’ David Quayle and Diana Brown and independents Ann Lyon, Terri Gailey and Peter Scurfield.

The three seats representing Pershore will be contested by Charles Tucker, Dan Boatright and Jodi Arnold for the Lib Dems with Val Wood, Sam Tarran and Michael Hodges standing for the Conservatives and John Rees for Labour.

The Lib Dems’ Liz Tucker will go against Sharon Stirling for the Conservatives in Pinvin.

In the Fladbury ward, Matthew Winfield stands for the Conservatives and Angie Crump will be representing the Liberal Democrats.  

There are two seats up for grabs in the Bengeworth ward with Emma Stokes and Mark Goodge standing for re-election for the Conservatives. Stephen Squires and Linda Tucker stand for the Green Party and Callum Gailey and Julie Haines stand as independent candidates.

It’s a two-way battle in the Badsey and Aldington ward between Mary Campbell and Philippa Capel for the Conservatives and for the chance to represent the Bretforton and Offenham ward, the Lib Dems’ Christopher Ounsted will take on Labour’s Matthew Rea and Aaron Powell for the Conservatives.

It will be a two-way battle for the two seats to represent Honeybourne, Pebworth and The Littletons with Judith Ciotti and Hannah Robson for the Greens taking on Neil Tustin and Thomas Havemann-Mart for the Conservatives.